What we do

With a vision to have a reformed cocoa sector where the well-being of the cocoa farmer is central. We work in these four key areas.

Our work 1

Living Income

We focus on all issues related to cocoa farmers’ income, through the living income benchmark lens which requires for a basic but decent standard of living in cocoa producing areas.

Our work 2

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability
We facilitate advocacy engagements and work closely with other existing state and non-state bodies to promote environmental sustainability.

Our work 3

Transparency & Accountability

We facilitate multi stakeholder engagements to address challenges in cocoa more effectively.

Our work 4

Human Rights

Mechanisms to have farmers views on cocoa acknowledged is integral in exercising their human rights and this is an area the platform seeks to champion. Central to the platform is active advocacy to eradicating all forms of child labor which affects the most vulnerable and least protected children.  Issues affecting women’s rights in the sector is key to the platform.

Collaborative approach to engagement with government along the value chain including the private sector

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