Non Gorvernmental Organisations

Fairtrade is a global movement which addressees the injustices of conventional trade by supporting smallholder farmers and workers to secure better terms of trade. Fairtrade Africa, a member of the wider International Fairtrade movement represents Fairtrade certified producers in Africa and the Middle East. Fairtrade Africa is the network of all Fairtrade certified producer organizations in Africa and the Middle East.

Kasa Initiative Ghana is registered as an independent CSO mechanism to support concerted engagement with government, Donor community and private sectors in the management of Ghana’s natural resources since 2014 after its pilot phase ended in 2013. Kasa as an independent CSOs initiative is managed by an institutional arrangement established by seven (7) CSOs coalition in different natural resource governance platforms by a coordinator.

The Strategic Youth Network for Development (SYND) was established in September 2008 with the aim of contributing to youth development interventions in Ghana. Our vision is to achieve environmental sustainability through active youth inclusion in the governance of climate related thematic areas. SYND aims to be a bridge between Ghanaian government and youth on climate and other environmental related issues. Our primary goal is to reduce fossil fuel related emissions through youth inclusion in: 1. Governance of the natural resources and 2. Formulation, implementation and review of existing environmental sector policies, programs, and projects from local to national level. We believe that it is critical to engage young people actively in climate-related decisions as it will not only help them cope or adapt to climate impacts but also will guarantee the sustainability of interventions by duty bearers or policymakers in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

RAIN is a Right based non-governmental organization that seeks to ensure inclusiveness in the sustainable management of our natural resources to enhance the wellbeing of people that depend on them. RAIN, focuses on; community mobilization, sensitization and awareness creation, inclusive forest governance, gender and women empowerment, forest-based livelihood and enterprise development and sustainable agriculture.

GLOMEF is a specialized Development Communications, Research and Advocacy organisation that work with development-oriented agencies to ensure that all aspects of communications, research and advocacy are systematically addressed as part of social development programmes. We act as a bridge between right holders and duty bearers/power holders, and our goal is to apply state of the art communication strategies to address social issues in a cost-effective, efficient and sustainable manner. GLOMEF seeks to achieve professional excellence through partnership of specialists and experts in enterprises designed to enhance strategic alliances and communication initiatives in organizations as well as communities towards development. GLOMEF devises audience-centered communication strategies taking individual, groups and global needs into account especially the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Several of us in the processes leading up to this association have been concerned, involved in, discussed and reported on the agricultural, environmental and rural development sectors of Ghana, and felt the need for such an organization to promote our work further. This led to the formation of the Ghana Agricultural & Rural Development journalist Association

Agro Eco advises the private sector, NGOs, governments and international organisations in the development of quality products, notably certified organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade products. It has been active in Africa since 1990 and tens of exporters and ten-thousands of smallholder farmers are profiting from the access achieved to higher paying markets that however set high quality standards. We provide farmer supplier group organisation, conversion planning, technical assistance, research, preparation of grower group certification, quality programmes (also in climate smart agriculture), market studies and linkages between exporters and importers; all to get a better livelihood for the farmer families.

Indigenous Women Empowerment Network (IWEN Ghana) is a women right organisation established in 2018 by a group of indigenous women who identified the need to come together and make a change. It was registered and incorporated in Ghana under the Companies Act,2019 (Act 992) on 14th October, 2021 with registration number: CG224431021 and Tax Identification Number: C0061299464. The organisation works to empowers indigenous women especially young girls and disabled persons to realise their full potential, worth and strength through empowerment and advocacy activities. Indigenous women and disabled persons are vulnerable to poverty, economic instability, gender-based violence, discrimination, or lack access to health services and land rights. The aim of IWEN Ghana is to bring forth the voices of indigenous women in decision making. It comprises of women leaders and youth derived from the diverse indigenous communities in Ghana. The Network serve as an interface between the leadership structures and the women, youth, and persons with disability at the all levels to create awareness, build the capacity and confidence of the marginalised, thereby enhancing their political consciousness, making them self-reliant and economically capable.


Citizens Watch-Ghana (CW-GH) is a Charitable Non-Profit Non- Governmental Organisation working in the Bono,Ahafo and Upper East Régions of Ghana. It has its headquarters located in the Bono Regional capital,Sunyani and operates in Sunyani,Berekum East and West, Asunafo North and Garu districts. It was legally registered in 2019 with the Registrar’s General Department (Red. No CG020782019 and TIN COO21708894). Citizens Watch-Gnana is a Research and Policy Advocacy NGO and focuses Good Governance and Human Rights,Food Security,Health,Education ,Gender Equality and Social Inclusion. CWGH had a three (3) Member Board three (3) employed staff and 3 project volunteers.

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